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Online slot machine Queen Of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Deluxe
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There are many themed slots currently available in the online casino world. But this romance-themed game called Queen Of Hearts Deluxe is particularly interesting and definitely worth trying out. In this article we are going to talk about the game itself, the design, the themes and of course the gameplay, the bonuses and the specifics. You can find a good one in our list Online casino Select.

The Queen of Hearts returns to our screens in this deluxe version of the classic five-reel to draw gamers' hearts once again. What exactly is the difference between the original Queen of Hearts slot and this deluxe version?

Queen Of Hearts: Review & experience

When you feel the love, you should definitely try Novomatic's Queen Of Heart Deluxe online slot. With angels and hearts everywhere, not to mention free spins, you'll love this romance-themed slot. This is a modern 3D slot with the romantic theme and lots of well designed symbols.

This game has great graphics, high quality sound design, welcome bonuses and other great features. Queen Of Hearts is a love themed slot. There are angels resembling Cupid on either side of the reels. Everyone has a bow and a heart-shaped arrow ready to shoot someone to make them fall in love. There are also some angels at the top of the table. The slot has a pink patterned background and the reels are in two white columns with gold hearts above them.

Premium symbols include a bird's eye view of the queen's magical castle, her sparkling ruby ​​flower ring, and a glowing crown. You will receive royal rewards worth up to 50x your stake when you match them across a payline. Your favorite flower - a yellow rose - represents the next higher paying symbol in the game and is worth up to 300 times your stake. The main prize of 1.000x your stake results from the landing of a series of wild symbols, which are represented by a large red heart.

Gameplay and features of the Queen Of Hearts slot

Here is the breakdown of the features that the player will get while playing the game.

As mentioned earlier, this game has both classic features from old school casino games as well as special themed bonuses that you receive while you play the game.

  • Ten paylines. The paylines of the Novomatic machines all run from left to right. To win, land enough matching symbols one after the other on a payline that covers your bet. The symbol chain starts on the far left. Most symbols require three or more to win, while others require two and the wild only requires one.
  • Symbols. There are nine standard symbols that appear on the reels of the slot while playing. The five that offer the smallest wins are the five cards, ranks K, Q, J, 10, and 9. The remaining five with higher payouts are geared towards love and royalties. There is a wedding hall, a crown, a fairy tale castle and a flower. Most of these give you winnings for three or more on an active payline; To win with the castle or flower, you only need two of them. The most valuable of these is the flower: land five on an active payline for a payout worth 300x your stake.
  • Bonus symbols. The slot has two bonus symbols. The queen of hearts itself is dispersion; Land two to five somewhere on the net for a payout. If you land a five you will get an amount worth 400x your stake. There is also a wilderness represented as a heart. This substitutes for all symbols except the scatter and pays one to five on an active payline. If you land five you will be awarded a prize worth 1.000x your bet.

Queen Of Hearts slot machine: conclusion

In summary, we have to say that this is a unique game that every gamer should try. It offers great bonuses, interesting themes, great music and most importantly, high payouts with an RTP of 95%. We encourage you to try it out today. Everyone who played this game stayed happy with it. You can play the demo or “practice mode” before playing for real money for some fun and see for yourself that the game is perfect for you.


  • 1️⃣ What is the RTP of the Queen of Hearts Deluxe slot?
    Queen Of Hearts Deluxe's ​​RTP is 95%
  • 2️⃣ What is the minimum and maximum bet in Queen of Hearts Deluxe?
    Queen of Hearts Deluxe has the minimum bet of $ 0.10 and the maximum bet of $ 100.
  • 3️⃣ Is Queen of Hearts Deluxe available for mobile?
    Yes, you can play Queen of Hearts Deluxe from any mobile device by logging into the internet browser.
  • 4️⃣ Where can I play Queen of Hearts Deluxe for real money?
    Check our casino list. Besides, you can Play slot machine games online for free.