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Jammin Jars online slot machine

Jammin Jars
Play for free
providersPush gaming
Min. mission0.2
Max. mission100

The Jammin Jars online slot machine from Push Gaming has an unusual 8 × 8 design. The huge volatility of this title made for a great grand prize on Sept.000 times your stake. It has avalanche symbols, payout groups, multipliers, a win rate of 96.83%, and of course bonus games too.

Find out everything in our test evaluation what you can expect from this slot machine in the USA in 2021. While this slot machine may seem a little crazy at first, the abstract experience it offers will surely win your heart.

Take a look at what Jammin Jars has in store for you and play in the best Online casinos in the USA 2021.

Jammin Jars slot machine tested & experience

The first time you spot Jammin Jars it looks pretty strange: fruit symbols on a grill with a disco background (including a disco ball) and a fun disco soundtrack ..

Still, in just 10 minutes we figured out why it became a huge push gaming hit!

This slot machine is like a roller coaster. Its high volatility and incredible winnings mean that while you can have some normal gaming sessions, you can have some really fantastic ones too.

The slot machine gave us one winning combination after another (especially when the jam jar wildcards came out) which makes us keep coming back. We are in love with this game and we are sure you will love it too.

Jammin Jars looks fun with its 8 × 8 reels filled with fruit. The reels have a glittering disco ball in the background and it even offers everyone a fun funk soundtrack that kicks off as you spin the reels. The game looks fun and attractive and you will definitely want to spin the reels to find out what all of the fruit can bring you.

Since Jammin Jars does not have a traditional reel design, your bets are not based on the number of paylines in the game, but you have the option of placing fixed bets from $ 0.20 to $ 100. The game follows the steps of parlor games like Bejeweled, in which the symbols spin on an 8 × 8 playing field and the winnings are achieved with a combination of 5+ identical symbols that are vertically or horizontally related. Then the winning symbols are removed and new symbols appear to fill in the gaps and create more chances to win.

Gameplay & Jammin Jars Bonus Features

In order to secure the valuable Jammin Jars, you need to land 5 or more of these symbols in a single group. So if the sides or the top / bottom symbols touch you will get a win. If you're lucky enough to land 25 strawberries on the reels, you can win a prize of $ 20.Win 000 times your stake.

When you win, the winning combination symbols disappear and new symbols take their place so you can get a series of consecutive wins on the same spin.

Push Gaming gave Jammin Jars a decent RTP of 96.8%. This payout percentage takes care of the total amount the game pays out on average for every 100 wagers the player makes. The RTP from Jammin Jars is only a small number, because the correct RTP from Push Gaming can vary depending on your personal gaming experience.

Because Jammin Jars is a title with a good volatility, which means that payouts are won less often than with games with medium or low volatility, but are more generous.

Jammin Jars has a grand prize on Jan.000 times your stake. The game can't count with a progressive jackpot, but the volatility and top prize make Jammin Jars an incredibly exciting game. Jammin ’Jars is considered to be best real money slot machine. Try the game for yourself!


Sure, Jammin Jars is not your usual slot machine and there is no progressive jackpot that apparently every slot machine must have these days to attract new players. What the slot machine offers, however, is a completely different experience from the usual reels and ways to win. The 8 × 8 playing field is amazing and the mix of styles is definitely worth your time.

It was very refreshing to play this game and we can guarantee it will be one of the best of the year, especially if you are into classic fruit symbols and good old ways to win!


  • 🎰 What is the RTP at Jammin Jars?
    Thankfully, the folks at Pushing Games did their best to stay above the average RTP, which is a whopping 96.80%. While this ranks above many other world-famous slot machines, it shouldn't be the only benefit as the most interesting feature of Jammin Jars is without a doubt the gameplay.
  • 🎰 What is the minimum bet and the maximum bet?
    Jammin Jars is ready for every gamer out there. Rather than limiting itself, the slot machine offers a wide range of wagers ranging from $ 0.20 to $ 100.
  • 🎰 Is Jammin Jars available on mobile?
    Not only is the game available on smartphones, tablets or PC, but Pushing Games has also made sure that the slot machine can be played as well as possible on any device.
  • 🎰 Where can I play Jammin Jars for real money?
    Don't waste time choosing an online casino just because it was the first result in the search engine. Check out our list below and play Jammin Jars in the best Push Gaming Online Casinos for real money!