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Online slot machine Gemstone Jackpot

Gemstone jackpot
Play for free
Min. mission0.40
Max. mission100

Gemstone Jackpot is a classic slot machine game from Novomatic designed to inspire the same level of love we gave to these stones. With just the spin of the reel, you have a chance to amass riches worthy of a king! If the idea of ​​heaven is to be overturned by heaps of jewels and gems alone, this is the game for you! With a response rate of 95.08 percent, your coveted end of treasure chest filling is just a twist away!

Are you eager to collect these gems?? Read on to learn more about the gameplay, game design, and more of Gemstone Jackpot!

Gemstone Jackpot: Overview & Experience

Gemstone Jackpot is a video game with a total of 10 paylines. It focuses on an opening presentation with five reels and three lines. It's a pleasant change of pace that will be of interest to both new and experienced players.

Since it's a game that focuses on attracting players looking to make their fortune through the winning mix of glamor and gems, you shouldn't be surprised that some glitzy traps and rewards can come your way while doing this Stars riddled pleasures play.

As glitzy as it may seem, the Gemstone Jackpot is a really easy-to-understand slot machine game, but it also includes a useful auto-play feature for players who'd like a helping hand.

Gameplay & Features of Gemstone Jackpot

Aside from the base game, there are a few features here that can help you win more cash than the usual base game prizes.
Lockout Feature - If you manage to land a winning combination, these symbols will be locked and the remaining slot machines will be reoccupied once.

What is supposed to happen here is that you keep landing new combinations that are connected to the original payline so that the Gemstone Jackpot slot machine spins over and over again until you fill the playing field with the same symbol.

Gambling Feature - After every win, you can choose to collect your prizes or play for the chance of doubling your winnings. If you decide to gamble, you have to guess the color of a down facing card.

If your guess is correct, double your price. You would lose your prices if you guess wrong. If you lose, the game round is over. If you win, the game round is over. You can play for this one prize up to five times.

Jackpot - the jackpot has something to do with the lock and spin function. If you manage to fill the grid with the same symbol, you win the corresponding jackpot. The prices for the lowest bet of 0.1 coins per line are:

  • Diamonds - 50
  • Green Gem - 5th
  • Red Gem - 10
  • Yellow Gem - 3
  • Blue Gemstone - 4th
  • Orange Gemstone - 1st
  • Violet Gemstone - 2nd

If ventilation takes place, you can make more money at no additional cost. The jackpot win depends on the size of your bet. As you increase your bet, the jackpot value also increases according to your bet. If you are that lucky, the slot machine can land the same symbol for the entire playing field. In this case you will also win the same jackpot prize.

The Gemstone Jackpot Free Spin is a bit of a departure from the usual style of play as it has no wild and scatter symbols. This game does not offer any free spins either. What you can look forward to is the lock and spin function.


Novomatic's Gemstone Jackpot is a simple game based on the classic genre. However, it does not have the usual elements of a 5-reel slot machine as we typically see them today, such as the wild and scatter symbols.

The Gemstone Jackpot online slot machine is best played in the free version so you can try it out first. See if you can come up with a slot strategy that will improve your chances of winning before registering and playing for real money.

Play casino games on the phone and see how they work. Once you have mastered the rules, you should deposit funds into a real money casino for a chance at the jackpot.


  • 🎰 Can I win real money playing the gem jackpot slot machine??
    Yes, you can win real money, but you have to wager real money. There are several casinos we recommend that you can choose from. Sign up at these casinos and then place the minimum deposit to start playing.
  • 🎰 What is the RTP of Gemstone Jackpot?
    The Gem Jackpot casino game has an average RTP percentage of 95.08%. This rate gives a hypothetical projection of the profits that can be expected in the long run.
  • 🎰 Can you play the slot on your mobile phone??
    You can even organize all of your diamond prospecting adventures from your cell phone, with Android tablets and Apple's ioS being the preferred method for most embarking on this adventure.
  • 🎰 What is the minimum and maximum bet?
    Click the Bet button; the minimum is 0.1 coins per line and the maximum 50 coins per round.